The Bro Next Door: An Erotic Life

The Bro Next Door 001The Bro Next Door is a read that is rare; it blends both Fratire and Erotica into one punch-bowl of seemingly unimaginable events and circumstances. The book takes shots at both Bro culture and the nature of erotic literature; the main character Chad Swagger is probably the crudest and most self-involved Bro in America. A douche-bag that always seems to get laid, it just doesn’t matter to him if she’s a 5 or a 10; he’ll take anything.

Christian Grey may have been an above average guy with an audacious lifestyle. Chad Swagger is just your average dude-bro that just so happens to lead a life of absurdity that borders on the fanciful; filled with extreme sexual trysts, unthinkable situations, unfounded self-righteousness and reprehensible behavior and dialogue.

This book will definitely frustrate the ladies….perhaps not in the way that you think. It will make you laugh until your kidneys bruise and make you cringe harder than you’ve ever cringed before. Chad Swagger is the Bro Next Door, living a life in suburbia that goes well beyond the mundane.

Available now on Amazon!

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