Best Scene in Kong: Skull Island




Hands down, this scene/character deserves a Golden Globe for best comedic role in a film.

The no-nonsense Captain Cole (Shea Whigham) decides to sacrifice himself in order to destroy the alpha Skullcrawler, allowing the other survivors to escape to the rendezvous point.

The scene is so dramatic it almost needed Enrique Iglesias to preform “Hero” in the background as Captain Cole behaved like a moody kid trying to get out of going to school. Cole drops an AK-47 instead of his knapsack, kicks at it, and gave a thousand yard stare which could only mean, “Hey guys, go on without me…I’m about to disfigure my body via two M67 frags.” 

Cole pulls out two cooked grenades and holds the pins in as he waits for the Skullcrawler to approach him and take a bite of him, but hilariously, the Skullcrawler just swipes Cole with its tale, sending him flying hundreds of feet into the distance, where he smashes into a rock face and his grenades detonate.

It’s such a hilarious subversion of the typical sacrificial death, and is one Hell of an entertaining overkill.

I thought it was hilarious. Not sure if it was meant to be, but fuck it.


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