John Wick: Chapter 2 ( The Best Sequel of all Sequels)


john-wick-2-soundtrackI rarely see a movie twice in the theaters. John Wick: Chapter 2 makes that grade. If you like Gun Porn and revenge flicks, John Wick is the man who will deliver your ticket for a satisfying trip down Go-Fuck-Yourself & Die street. Now, the first movie was good-don’t get me wrong- but damn, the writers built a whole new world around this saga and the protocols and rules that John Wick and the cartel that is after him have to follow, just adds to the violence on a whole new level.

Holy shit, was it a good movie. Now, if you’ve seen the first John Wick you know that it stars the magical Chrysler Charger that is virtually indestructible; that can drive off platforms and roofs, drop 50 feet, all the while not shattering the chassis of the car. So that was impossible, or rather, one of the impossible angles of the first movie. Then, John Wick is of course played by Keanu Reeves (you just have to get over that) and he’s just…kick’ the fucking shit outta everyone. He’s like the double-tap Titan and guru of gun play! He took down bad-ass dudes round-house kicking-chick cop show style; except it’s John Wick and not some tooth-pick princess with daddy issues trying to show the world that she can fight like a man, and maybe even look as ugly as one. So he’s laying waste in the first film to 6 ft tall Russian mafioso type guys, which is the other beef you might have in regards to the indestructible aspect of both John Wick and his magical Charger. So the issue with the first film was that after John Wick lays waste to a billion Russians, he finally gets to the main boss, some mafia-type old fart, and then suddenly becomes the biggest pussy on earth and struggles to take HIM down.

In John Wick 2, there is none of this nonsense. There is a round-house-kicking chick cop show type broad that tries to take on John Wick and, like in the real world, John Wick fucking destroys her ass since he is a man with biology on his side. None of this fanciful bullshit about women being able to fight equal to men, no, the chick gets her fucking ass beat in a matter of seconds. This movie is red pill to the core it seems; which is a good thing.

So that is why I was a bit skeptical when John Wick 2 came out. I was like ” oh well, is it going to have a magical indestructible Dodge Charger in it again, that can fly off roof tops and not get a dent in it?” And “Is an old fuck’ man going to be a problem for John Wick after dummy’n a thousand henchmen with UZI’s and M4A1’s? ” Is it going to be like Fast & Furious, where cars are flying outta buildings and magically driving down stair cases and through office windows?” Thankfully, not as much in John Wick 2. There are elements of indestructibility, more so with bullet proof elements of John’s outfit that he get’s tailored for him by a ‘Q’ type dude within his organization. That’s the other thing, too. If you are a gun-but then holy, fuck’n shit, you’ll cream your boxes when you see the scenes with tactical gun-play and the show case that John Wick get’s to choose from.

Finally, I have to say that the best part about the film was the unique world-building, writing and set design that was used. The neon lighting and the glossy set design make this film what it is, a dark revenge flick with a world of rules built around all the characters. There are certain places in this world they cannot touch or fight each other, there is a code of conduct; and that is fucking manly. It was a goddamn sequel! Can’t wait for the third movie (yes, it looks like the head-shots and chutney splatters will come again soon, courtesy of John Wick).


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