New Book Released!



Uncle Nick: Diary of a Misanthrope has just been published. Check it out on Amazon today!

Who is Uncle Nick?

Nick Tyrella is a cigar smoking, aviator wearing, liquor-loving perpetual punk.

A Thirty-Something bachelor residing around the sunsoaked shores of California, Nick has been fired numerous times from various jobs, along with being barred from attending: certain bars, family dinners, weddings, reunions, and parties. Having panache for public intoxication and running his mouth with uncensored abandon seems to be the catalyst for Nick’s string of offences.

 Cavalier in his attitude towards people’s feelings about certain issues, Nick is relentlessly honest about matters pertaining to marriage, love, sex, the economy, and certain ‘elements’ of society. Being honest in Nick’s world tends to draw a lot of hostility since there are very few people like him.His family knows that you cannot take Uncle Nick anywhere as he is a walking megaphone of inflated ego and opinion. It’s the public, strangers, employers, and acquaintances of friends that have to deal with Nicks grandstanding and often lewd scathing editorials about life.

A highly entertaining and thoroughly reprehensible book. Visit Amazon for more on Uncle Nick.

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