Star Wars the Force Awakens: A Rotten Let Down

star wars

Going into the theatre to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens I thought about how sad and truly pathetic it was to see how even though George Lucus sold his soul by prostituting himself to Disney like an expensive escort, and everything he worked for in life to Disney, people were still hyped and eager to see the complete hot bag of garbage that was this film. The film is an over-hyped Over-Cat. The movies force ‘awakened’ me to how fast good things in life can be turned into a hot bag of garbage overnight.

The seventh episode of Star Wars also takes a nostalgia lazy attitude to enhance the film by adding original characters of the film. And it has worked. Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher have reprised their roles as Han Solo and Leia Organa respectively which is a treat to the Star Wars fans. The appearances of Chewbacca and droids — C-3PO, R2-D2 alongside the original characters of Star Wars adds to that happiness.

However, there are few answers that are unanswered about the characters and circumstances but they are perhaps likely to be answered in the next installment. As of now, watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With good visuals and actions, it is a good entertainer time waster if you want to get away from the wife and kids.

The film plays out like a carbon copy of Episode IV A New Hope. It is almost exactly same script except that since Disney took over and bought Lucas films we have a bunch of a female Luke Skywalker type leading the way to pander to the Diversity crowd and not to the strengths that the Star Wars franchise is known for. I will not apologize to all the whiny tolerance warriors out there when I say that Star Wars is and has always been a franchise for guys and to make a Star Wars film that puts every male character in the back seat of some apparent genius tween who somehow knows more about space ships than Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is stupid and not believable and was the biggest weakness of this film. The film lack believability and it felt like I was watching a ad-campaign from Dove some movie off of the W channel.

It’s all cute and funny on there but this is Star Wars, not some platform for feminism: Sickening. It is unbelievable to me how one corporation can ruin an entire franchise with one movie. Yet, people went at saw it and apparently more than once by some accounts in the media. Not to mention it’s been so many years since the last film to come out and the best they could do is re-boot Episode IV. Lazy, and it just goes to show that the people writing the film had an agenda that goes beyond movie making that is entrenched in the worlds politics today with globalism and “diversity.” When you do that with a franchise that was successful in its own identify and its own right it shows through real quick when watching. The film has been and will be successful because of course every Joe blow will see it because it’s Star Wars. If they are trying to pander to the female population I really am pressed to believe that the Hunger Games formula will work since at least when I saw it in the jam packed theatre it was still all guys seeing it but who knows. The people running Disney are masters at propaganda so I am probably going to be wrong.

From a visual perspective the film is stunning and the scale is there to a point. Like I said before There is not much of a plot but whatever it has, that has been executed well to watch and is overshadowed by the visuals. Typical, when you know the script sucks just have lots of visuals and amazing effects to distract the mass of average movie goers into believing that it was an amazing film. Couple that with the over-hype and marketing campaign for this film and you get every tom, dick (and now Janice) salivating and hitting themselves over the head with an “It’s FANTASTIC” hammer. But JJ Abrams made it addictive and gripping. The film is thrilling. And the cast is fresh but capable.

In closing, Disney is trying to re-boot the once awesome franchise for the millennial and new generation of kids who have been brainwashed by liberal colleges and their grade/high school teachers who will lap this film up because most of them lack critical thinking and are held captive by the political correctness complex.

We should have female leads and female roles in film I agree, but only if the theme and setting call for it. Do guys want to watch a film in where the male lead is planning out his girlfriend’s wedding, whining about his co-workers while he picks up phones all day at the office? The majority would say no because it’s not a suitable role, and doesn’t register with your hard-wired biology. Men are the natural leaders; they build things and destroy them. Case in point George Lucus- He built the Star Wars franchise from the ground up, and then destroyed it by selling it to Disney for a shit ton of mullah. That’s at least believable.



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