007 Specter: The Pattern of Modern Bond Films


The Pierce Brosnan era of bond to me has started off what seems to be a reoccurring formula or coincidence in the make and success of certain films within the 4 film life-span of modern bond. One would think that bond should start strong and end strong- an ode to machismo brick and mortar.

The Brosnan era of Bond turned a page in the appearance, behavior and style of what we thought James was since the legacy of Sean Connery. Goldeneye could be argued as one of the best bond films in the franchise due to an almost perfect landscape, villain archetype, characters, love interests, settings and atmosphere.

Then came along Tomorrow Never Dies which to me was an interesting concept as far as evil schemes go- A plot to stage world events and influence governments with the power of being a media tycoon. This of course references long standing conspiracies of how media giants in modern day times are at arm’s length with world governments and the very rich and powerful. The movie tanked by franchise standards. It was a flop as far as Bond Boners go in regards to execution- and not to mention the bond girl in the film was not appealing at all (personal opinion).

The World Is Not Enough turned out to be a mediocre film and was far better than its predecessor in terms of what everyone expects from a Bond film: Hot ‘Slam pieces,’ tons of action and Bond being a charming motherfucker who seduces his way into the panties of power corporations whilst saving the day with his small but powerful Walther PPK- turning bad guys into Swiss Cheese and sending ‘fuck you cards’ to their families and loved ones back in the Eastern Block.

Die Another Day just sucked. Enough said.

Since the erectile dysfunction that was Die Another Day, Bond got his Mojo back with the new reinvented James (Daniel Craig). Bond in this new era was different. He got bruised, he bled, he felt, he almost fucking died in Casino Royale-Before, Bond never got so much as a scratch or dirt on his suit even if he did a tuck n’ roll out of a fast moving sedan.

The same thing happened to the Daniel Craig era of Bond that plagued his predecessor unfortunately. Film one Casino Royale extremely well done; Quantum of Solace was the sister of Tomorrow Never Dies, Sky Fall was the bastard love child of The World Is Not Enough, and Specter  was a disappointment as far as ending the series on a high note (admittedly not as shitty as Die Another Day)

What I think needs to be done with the franchise is stop trying to reinvent the wheel and go back to what Bond was good at. Stop making the films long ( I am talking to about you Specter) for no reason. Bond has a license to fucking kill for Christ sake. Get to the point. Bond is supposed to travel to exotic locations, sleep and seduce young beautiful women (sorry Monica Belucci, but no), locate evil corporation/operation.  Then, fuck up said evil with class, intelligence, and witty one-liners after putting a few rounds into the chest cavity of every reprobate degenerate in the room. Job done, Bond gets the girl and screws the pleasure out of her and then back into her, and then leaves like a fucking boss-Just another slow Tuesday at the office.

So with this pattern evolving where do I think Bond is going? Well, if 3 is a trend I say the first Bond film in the next era of 007 will be a hit, and the 4th a dud.


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