It Follows (2014)

it-follows-movie-posterIt Follows presents an American horror film that is set in the decaying landscape that is modern Detroit, Michigan. It is a backdrop to which portrays the perfect setting for a film that shows the costly effects of what happens when a society falls into decline.

At first glance, It Follows seems like a blatant attempt at showcasing the harmful consequences of promiscuity and the hook-up culture. The viewer can make the valid assumption that yes, promiscuity and the modern cavalier attitude towards pumping and dumping, empowered/encouraged female sex-capades and the teenage and 20-something party years  lead to a society with more venereal diseases per capita than what a Bangkok whore has per square inch of orifice.

The movie is more than this though. You have to see the film in its entirety because the ending spells out the real issue. The film is ultimately about Open Female Hypergamy. If you don’t already know what Female Hypergamy is then I suggest you do some homework over at some of today’s pioneers[located here] of what man has known for centuries but has only recently been uncovered due to the miracle of the internet and the digital exchange of comparative notes.

The main character Jay Height played by actress Maika Monroe contracts a deadly curse from having a good old fashion back-seat power screw with a “new boy.” Jay as described by her friends Paul, Kelly, and Yara is a girl who is “annoying pretty” that can get any guy. Paul as we find out is the Beta chump who has probably stroked his pajama pencil over Jay more times than he has ever kissed her (which we eventually find out was once when they were younger).

To alleviate the curse and all the frustrations that come with teenage hormones and sexuality, we learn that the only way to get rid of the curse is to “pass it on” (STI/STD reference). Promiscuity breeds more promiscuity. Jay thus without hesitation allows one of her former High School lovers (neighbour boy) to perform determined thrusts into her mound while in a hospital bed- Jay throughout the act looks much like any hussie who has circled the drain more than once in modern society: gives the thousand yard stare accompanied by some winces and “mfffph’s” of erotic excitement.

In the end, Jay “settles” the curse with her Beta in waiting Paul. They walk hand in hand toward misery- through a decapitated city. Paul, happy he is not a virgin any more.Jay, looking like an already bored Alpha Widow; longing for the back-seat of an old car from an era that symbolizes a time when things were good.


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