We Stand on the Edge of Tomorrow Every Day of Our Lives


Have you ever thought for a moment how limitless life is, all the while it being completely fragile all in the same?

This is the one simple thought I had when viewing Edge of Tomorrow. In reality there are no replays, do-over’s or abilities to go back in time to save mankind from fuck’n aliens. This is it for us: all the minutes in a day, all the idle thoughts we have, the morning coffees with friends, those inebriated nights out. You will never get those back, ever. Oh how we all wish we were William Major Cage (Tom Cruise) in the film and we didn’t mind some power sword swinging slam piece (Emily Blunt) putting a bullet in our brain ever time we needed a reset to get saving the world right the next time.

The films slogan is one of “live, die, repeat” and is an axiom of the notion of growing stronger as we break our minds and our bodies down until we are on the edge of exhaustion and mental anguish. It’s about trying to “get it right” while we are living in this waking life; getting better for that bright new tomorrow, and saving it from ourselves and others who will eventually come to harm the day.

The movie apparently underperformed at the box office.

So what.

Who gives two flying monkey fucks?

Edge of Tomorrow was actually enjoyable in my view and performed the way it was supposed to; summer entertainment.

In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? What did you learn from it? — would be my mark of evaluation of how successful a film is. I don’t own a studio and neither do you, so the bottom-line is not my concern for a film. I am more mindful about the success of my own film, my life and what I want it to be because that is the only one that will ever be worth seeing. It’s the only one I will truly see and experience; a biased viewer in the end. We are the harshest critics out there of ourselves. That’s the way it should be, because at the edge of tomorrow we are the ones who ultimately have final say; about how badass the cast were in our lives, the effects we created, the audiences captivated, and the memories we created for others.

Life is too boundless to do just one thing, to do just one person (even if it were Emily Blunt), and accomplish just one thing. For all we know, we are already dreaming; and the moment that bus hits us on the way to work, that stray bullet from some crazed virgin (talking about you Eliot Rodger) enters our cranial cavity, or the instance when society falls flat on its own weight; that is the edge of tomorrow.

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