Apocalypse: Survival Team Wish List


When the SHTF I want these 5 on standby

**Optional/highly recommended [que up Touch and Go by Emerson, Lake & Powell while reading]



Jack Bauer

Age: born 18 Feb 1966

Occupation: CTU field agent/ rouge vigilante

Gender: Male

Last known Address: CTU Los Angeles

Weapon of choice: SIG Sauer P228/P220 or Beretta 92FS ( with or without suppressor)


Jack Bauer is an experienced field agent with a military background. He possesses a multitude of useful skills, such as clue analysis, stealth, piloting and electronic communication, and is an expert at interrogation and persuasion techniques performed under great stress; a skill that is fueled by great strength of personality. He is also a crack shot and an adequate hand to hand combatant. His physique, apparently top-notch, allows him to go and go for days without rest, sleep or food, and he can continue at superhuman speeds even after strenuous torture or injury. In fact, über-hero Jack Bauer appears to be a daring and seemingly indestructible agent and man.

Naturally, he has earned a reputation as a hard-boiled loose cannon. Of course, once Jack has started a case where national security is threatened, he will complete the mission regardless of what help or opposition he gets; even if this means sacrificing innocent people including his loved ones for the greater good. He is essentially an All-American hero, and the backbone of this survival team.

Between his flawless ability to deliver head-shots while power-sliding across any surface, and his unwavering patriotic loyalty, Jack Bauer would be -hands down- the best person to have around when the Shit Hits The Fan. In addition, Jack is also a father and moral crusader. So if any of the other members of the team decide to run train on Katniss, I am sure Jack would either put two .45 cal’s in their chest, or snap their necks with extreme passion and monk-like steadiness.



Katniss Everdeen:

Age: born on the 8th of May in District 12, 16 years prior to the 74th Hunger Games

Occupation: Hunter, Soldier, “Mockingjay”

Gender: Female

Weapon of choice: Bow and Arrows, Snares

Last known Address: District 12, Panem


Easy on the eyes and talented on the bow, Katniss Everdeen is the young women every survival team needs. With her steady hand and light footedness, Katniss would be the stealth engine that would drive this squad forward into the unknown abyss. Ammo would not be a problem with her weapon of choice, and silence not an issue. Her ability to scavenge for and snare animals would be a vital asset to the team, along with her loyalty to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. Her acts of defiance against the Capitol led the people of Panem to view her as the face of rebellion, and that is bad-ass.

Since Katniss seems to have a thing for the golden-boy types, I have made sure that the rest of the team consists of either strict father figures/ a borderline geriatric. However, Jack Bauer will have to keep an eye on the young Han for reasons you will see in his profile breakdown. In closing, with Katniss on the team, I am sure the odds would be ever in our favor.




Age: 41

Occupation: Drifter, fighter, thief

Gender: Male

Weapon of Choice: Fists, His car, 9mm if need be

Last Known Address: Tokyo


Considering there will still be gas and cars lying around, Han from Fast and the Furious would most likely be this entourage’s driver and expert thieving chameleon. With a background in stealing fuel tankers in the Dominican Republic and evading 5-0’s, Han would be a great asset in securing resources for the team with lightning speed, along with driving everyone out of harm’s way. As someone being a member of the Dom and Brian’s heist team from Fast Five, Han is someone who can “blend in anywhere”. A expert evader and social chameleon.

On the down side however, Han has a history of becoming romantically involved with the females in which he works with or along side of. He after all has a constant need to occupy his hands (so to speak) since he is a former smoker. I am sure Katniss could hold her own; however, Bauer will be sure to interrogate/man-handle Han “CTU style” in case he decides to ever show Katniss how they “drift” in Tokyo.



Walt Kowalski

Age: 78

Occupation: Korean War Veteran/American hero bad-ass

Gender: Male

Weapon of Choice: Colt 1911 .45 cal, M1 Garand

Last Known Address: 238 Rhode Island Street, Detroit MI


Kowalski, is a member of the Silent Generation, a very small group of Americans born between 1920 and 1945, between the Greatest Generation and their super-spoiled Baby Boomer children.  Kowalski was born into and grew up in a tough working class immigrant family during a period of great social and economic adversity for all Americans. With that said, Walt simply knows what it takes to survive and also brings old man wisdom to the table.

Kowalski knows that he is nearing the end of his life and that he doesn’t have much time left to salvage something of value out of it all to leave behind; to give it all some meaning.  A long lifetime of always doing what was expected of him – as boy and man, as citizen and soldier, as husband and father, worker and provider – certainly hasn’t netted him much, not even his sons appreciate his long journey or even his values. The above mentioned alone is what will make Walt Kowalski a vital asset to the team. He has nothing to lose. So when push comes to shove, he will F*ck shit up and go out in a blaze of glory. Like a true god damn hero.



Black Dynamite

Age: 30

Occupation: Vietnam Veteran, Martial Artist, former CIA operative, Skilled lover

Gender: Male

Weapon of Choice: (Single or Dual) Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic

Last Known Address: N/A


Black Dynamite easily defeats almost everyone that tries to attack him or comes within radius of his power kicks, fists of fury, or his S & W 629 Classic. Along with Jack Bauer, Dynamite is the veritable “one man army” as well, which stems from his ultimate quest of finding whoever killed his younger brother Jimmy, and to clean drugs off the streets. He’s a cold-blooded killer with a heart of gold, and a wardrobe to match. Every community needs a hero and Black Dynamite is a hero for every community. Taking in whores and orphans, Black Dynamite works at fighting ninjas and crime wherever he finds them. In crime fighting as well as apocalypse survival, it doesn’t pay to just talk like a jive sucker who isn’t confident in the value of his own work.

When Black Dynamite walked into Chicago Win’s Pool Hall and found himself surrounded by a gang of thugs, he might have felt a tinge of doubt, but he still stayed and fought it out. Those are the types of ball’s this team needs. He is also a righteous defender of justice and children, so I am sure he will keep order amongst the team and where ever he goes.


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